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Great Lengths Extensions

Imperceptible extensions? Yes, it is possible in our lounges. Great Lengths gives you wonderful quality with attachment points that are not just  invisible but imperceptible too.

The dream of having long, full, healthy, supple and natural hair. 

Extensions are a masterful technological advance in the world of hairdressing.

Thanks to the extensions fitting, it is now possible to change the cut in the blink of an eye. It is thus possible to quickly obtain a longer hair when you do not have the patience to wait for your hair to grow (or when your hair is too sensitized and no longer grows).

The extension installation also allows a contribution of material for the finest hair  when you want to gain more volume.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions  are locks of natural hair having a variable weight between 0.80 g and 1 g.

The technician fixes these natural strands durably on your hair by a technique called strand by strand. Be careful not to confuse hair extension with the weaving technique (Indian weaving or Brazilian weaving)  usually reserved for African hair which is practiced in afro hair salons. Also be careful not to confuse with the clip extension which turns out to be in reality a hairpiece that you can put on and take off as you wish.

The length of the hair extension strands are variable from 20 cm to 65 cm in order to meet all expectations  that you may have.

Indeed, according to the initial length of your natural hair and according to the length of hair that you want to obtain. You should choose the length of natural hair extensions needed beforehand.

Regarding the color, a large color chart is available. In total more than 56 different colors are available.

Light blondes, flamboyant reds, extreme browns will therefore necessarily find their equivalent in color in extensions… For the most specific requests, it is quite possible to apply highlights / tie and dye / flashy color extensions.

It is also possible to mix several colors of hair additions.

Creation is then infinitely possible ...

What are the benefits of hair extensions?

The volume gain is / and the length gain is / and the color change:

Changing the color of your hair without the risk of damaging your hair through coloring or discoloration. This is possible by choosing extensions  slightly lighter than your natural shade. Note that there are also tie and dye extensions allowing to obtain a natural ombré hair effect for a "  return from vacation  In your hair.

Extensions that are slightly lighter than your natural hair will be able to lighten your base shade because it will blend perfectly.

Going from short to long as you wish. Indeed, thanks to the installation of hair extensions, it is really very easy to transform a simple square into a plunging square according to your moods and your desires. Then to change again for long hair… 30/40/50 cm again for the length it is according to your desires… Real tailor-made.

You can also use hair extensions to densify your natural material in order to increase your volume.

Ultimately, you can resort to posing hair extensions paris for several scenarios.

Choosing the right technician:

The art of applying extensions is a profession and a specialty in its own right. Therefore, you should not take lightly the choice of technician for your extension installation. It is above all on it that the maintenance of your natural healthy hair will depend.

You will understand that it is strictly prohibited to practice the installation of hair extensions between girlfriends.

All  the members of the Nelly Cava team are  rigorously trained  the different methods of applying hair extensions.

Each of our specialist hairdressers has graduated from Great Lengths, which is today the world's best brand in natural hair extensions (Indian hair) for more than 20 years.

How is the hair extensions installation carried out?

In order to provide you with full information, we first establish a free estimate. In this quote we determine the color, length, brand and quantity of hair extensions  necessary for your new cut.

When you validate your quote, the appointment is then fixed in one of our lounges. The total duration of the installation of your extensions obviously depends on the number of hair extensions required. Therefore the exposure time is variable. It takes about an hour for an installation of 50 extensions, about two hours for the installation of 100 extensions and about three hours for the installation of 150 extensions.

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