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After more than 18 years in Courchevel, 12 years in St Tropez, 12 openings and creations of hair salons in hotels and palaces, more than 35 employees and 2 Covid years.

Everywhere and nowhere at the same time, I finally decided to settle down and concentrate on what I love most, styling, coloring, cutting hair, chatting and laughing with my customers in a unique place. 

All year…

Nelly Cava Hairdresser Colorist it's also happening in St Tropez, Nelly enhances your hair in your hotel room, your villa or even on your boat, whether you are at the dock or at sea, everything is possible, lightening , coloring, cutting, blow-drying.

For an event, an evening or simply to relax, Nelly is present throughout the Gulf of Saint Tropez and will come to you.

From December to March…
Nelly Cava Hairdresser Colorist in Courchevel, it is also the hairdressing salon that comes to you, a unique moment, Nelly travels and devotes her time just for you in your apartment, your chalet or hotel at all levels of the resort .

Founder @Nelly Cava

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