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Hand beauty and semi-permanent varnish

Want to have fairy hands?

Nelly Cava manicures use a whole range for this.
of care products.
Associated with our know-how, they guarantee a lasting beauty of your hands
and your  nails .

For all women who want to keep their nail polish for 2 weeks, Our manicure team offers  the Permanent Varnish.  A nail polish application that lasts longer, keeps its shine and does not flake, all without damaging the natural nails.
Ideal for toenails, held for 4 weeks!

  • Simple manicure 

  • Manicure + varnish 

  • Manicure + paraffin treatment + varnish 

  • Manicure + semi-permanent varnish 

  • Semi permanent polish 

  • French pose 

  • Paraffin care 

  • Paraffin treatment (if combined with another service) 

  • Manicure + paraffin treatment + varnish 


  • Full  

​ Complete make-up, from lips to false eyelashes, performed by makeup artist Nelly Cava  in 60 minutes.  

  • Express 

A quick makeup application for those in a hurry by makeup artist Nelly Cava  in just 30 minutes.

  • Wedding 

For a wedding or a special event, a makeup artist  Nelly Cava  creates in 1h30 a look in accordance with your style or the theme of your choice. Application to the salon or home on D-day + preliminary test session.​

All services are by appointment and subject to availability.

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